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How we rate Walkme

Walkme has traditionally focussed in the Enterprise for poorly written Web Apps. Their pricing has always been prohibitively expensive which also biases to the enterprise.

Whilst starting in Web, in recent years they acquired a mobile company and their Mobile offerring is limited in both supported platforms and feature capability.

Walkme has a lot of configuration options which makes the user feel like they should go to Walkme University to get things done. Recently they’ve improved the UI but its still arcane. Their free product is different to the main product.

The soft spots in Walkme solution are:

  1. Mobile support (Pointzi was Mobile-first and we know about the challenges) and
  2. Usability. Need a lot of help getting started leading to project delays.
  3. High Cost

With Pointzi you get near-real-time matching and “on-demand” client-side triggering that allows more dynamic guidance on the user’s journey.

The strongest part of Walkme is their large amount of funding and salesforce. Much of this is optimized to Enterprise Web Apps – which means they are less likely to support smaller companies or Apps.

Walkme Pointzi
Indicative pricing
Free trial
Unsure. Not indicated. Integration is tricky.
Pointzi demo: 14-days all features
Web. IOS Native, Android Native only
Web, IOS, Android, Reactnative, Cordova, Ionic
Web SDK (Javascript). Firefox extension to create.
Chrome extension to create and preview on web platform. Web SDK (Javascript) and Mobile SDKs.
Guide styling
Yes - including customization of CSS file
Yes - easy WYSIWG editor for Guides, Tips, Popups, Buttons, Hotspots and Launchers
Launchers, Shout-Outs and Smart-Tips. Lists. In other words: tips, modals, guides 😉
guides/tours, carousels, modals, popups, inApp Video, contextual tips
Launcher types
tooltip button, hotspot button, page open
tooltip button, hotspot button, hightlight button, page open
Multiple language support
Multi-page support
Yes (Web), No (Mobile)
Yes (Web and Mobile)
Guide step limit
Guide A/B testing
No (last time we checked)
User detail
list/search users, drill into detail (name, country, devices, last seen, OS), guides seen/actions, session history, session journey
Engagement Analytics
New/Return vistors, time of day, day of week
Guide analytics
Yes - including ability to configure and measure custom goals.
Yes - track, step depth, touch-out, dismiss, ability to configure and measure custom goals.
Yes - user level segmentation
Yes - templates plus customisable for user level segmentation
Yes - rule based including touch events
Mixpanel, Segment, Webhooks, Inbound REST/JSON API
Any tag (first name, last name, any custom strings, numerics you provide)
Managed Service
On Prem and Cloud
Cloud only - mobile caches for offline

They say about Pointzi:

“We love the way Pointzi lets us show users around our site. It took us no time to get up and running.”

Luke Todd, Head of Customer Operations at Gumtree

They say about Walkme:

“We have reduced our onboarding time about 30% since implementing WalkMe. We’ve also been able to train more individuals within a new company, rather than limiting the onboarding process to a 1-on-1 approach.”