Compare Pendo and Pointzi






If you are looking for an alternative to Pendo, this article may provide some useful data to demystify selection. 

We offer a point-by-point comparison of Pointzi and Pendo onboarding platforms for tip, tours, guides, contextual help. We offer an analysis of Mobile and Web platform support, available features, analytics, goals along with filters for targeting and segmentation.

Pendo has some other product tools for roadmap planning etc, we don’t include those in the comparison. We focus on digital adoption platform elements: onboarding, engagement, feedback.

How we rate Pendo

Pendo has a reputation of being a very sales driven organisation that started with WebApps.

They acquired a company called to given them a mobile capability and have made efforts to merge the branding and functions.

More recently Pendo has invested more in Analytics and some customers have told us they are doing less updates for the DAP features. You will have to assess this for yourself – but you want to choose a vendor that isn’t trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades.

In recent years the’ve ramped up pricing, therefore we know this doesn’t suit everyone.

The soft spots in Pendo solution are:

  1. Pendo’s mobile support improved when was acquired – this was a marketing tool (like Braze) but it did have some inApp elements. Pendo are still BETA for very basic field-level Tips (point at an element in a walk-thru). Pendo does not support hybrid platforms like Cordova and ReactNative. IOS and Android native are supported. (Pointzi was Mobile-first and we know about the challenges) and

With Pointzi you get near-real-time matching and “on-demand” client-side triggering that allows more dynamic guidance on the user’s journey. Consequently, your users are able to get the right guidance at the right time.

The strongest part of Pendo is the integration of analytics and the way they describe engagement. Likewise, Pointzi is an alternative to Pendo that uses analytics for goals and user attributes to give Product Managers objective measures of feature adoption and engagement.

Pointzi also provides a great range of templates and comprehensive WYSIWYG editing so you can usually get great looking results with a few tweaks.


Pendo Pointzi
Indicative pricing
Free trial
Yes - limited
Pointzi demo: 14-days
Web. IOS in early release only
Web, IOS, Android, Reactnative, Cordova, Ionic
Web SDK (Javascript) and Mobile SDKs
Web SDK (Javascript) and Mobile SDKs
Guide styling
Yes - including customization of CSS file
Yes - easy WYSIWG editor for Guides, Tips, Popups, Buttons, Hotspots and Launchers
modals, slideouts, tips and cutout pointers.
carousels, modals, popups, inApp Video, contextual tips
Launcher types
tooltip button, hotspot button, page open
tooltip button, hotspot button, hightlight button, page open
Multiple language support
Multi-page support
Yes (Web), No (Mobile)
Yes (Web and Mobile)
Guide step limit
Guide A/B testing
User detail
list/search users, drill into detail (name, country, devices, last seen, OS), guides seen/actions, session history, session journey
Engagement Analytics
New/Return vistors, time of day, day of week
Guide analytics
Yes - including ability to configure and measure custom goals.
Yes - track, step depth, touch-out, dismiss, ability to configure and measure custom goals.
Yes - templates plus customisable
Yes - rule based including touch events
Mixpanel, Segment, Webhooks, Inbound REST/JSON API
Any tag (first name, last name, any custom strings, numerics you provide)

They say about Pointzi:

“We love the way Pointzi lets us show users around our site. It took us no time to get up and running.”

Luke Todd, Head of Customer Operations at Gumtree

They say about Pendo:

“Pendo is a great tool. It is easy to use and helps executives start tracking the right metrics (instead of guessing at what is important). It also scales your support organization with automated onboarding and educational opportunities for users.”