Example Videos

The 100-second overview shows how you can get started with our Chrome Extension on any website to try tips and tours without needing developers to add code.

Creating Tips and Guides - deep dive

We show the popular business application Jira and how we can simply add tips and create a tour. Specific items in this video:

  1. First Tip
  2. Create a place Tip Sequence with next/back navigation
  3. Popup modal with add-your-own picture
  4. Show many of the styling capabilities
  5. Launch a video from a popup
  6. Targeting specific users

Adding & Editing FAQ Lists

Digital Adoption

Editing a Guide on Salesforce

To create a guide with Pointzi Digital Adoption on Salesforce, you need to have edit rights on the dashboard and the Browser extension installed.

Previewing a Salesforce Guide

Before rollout of a guide you can preview that it operates the way you expect - this video shows you how.
This quick intro gives a high-level overview of the tips, tours, carousels and feedback you can target to your userbase.

How to create your first Mobile Tip

You can make your first tip or tour very quickly and simply. This video is a practical "how-to".

Styling, Formatting, Animations, HTML

This deep-dive covers other kinds of formatting in tips and modals, specific points are:
  • Netflix HTML Modal Example
  • On Device Live Preview
  • Tip Launchers
  • Tip Placement
  • Tip Animation Controls

Carousels - home page or any page!

Animated GIF of adding carousels to your App. Using the Pointzi graphical environment to create a swipe-able carousel that can be shown to highlight top or new features. Use in conjunction with tips, tours to re-inforce key points. Highlights are:

  • Easy ”point-and-click” native or HTML authoring, no need to get mobile developers to hard-code specific native carousel code
  • Tracking of user swipes – and analytics of performance against your success metrics
  • A/B Test to test which carousels perform better
  • Put a carousel anywhere you want – not just the home screen
  • Easily update when you launch new releases

This deep-dive is short but packed with huge benefits for targeting and analytics. We think that every experiment should be measurable and proving it’s giving you uplift:

  • Selecting Users to Target in Real-time.
  • Drag-drop filters.
  • Custom Parameters
  • Chain Multistep Experiments
  • Picking a Success Metric Saving a 50:50 A/B Split
  • Analytics for A/B Split Comparison. To learn more about A/B check these posts.

Serving content to unique users or groups is easy using Pointzi tags. The video is designed for Product Managers to see what is possible and for Developers to know how to get started.