Best Practices

How Leaders use Tips, Modals and Walkthroughs in Mobile

Pointzi gives product teams the power to implement these best practice strategies without code

Promote new and unused features

Make a big deal of new features

Netflix is a great example of an App that makes a big deal of important new features. When the "download and go feature" was released they used a contextually triggered Modal to activate feature use. Although important, new feature promotion is usually the last thing developers want to code. With Pointzi, product teams can take charge of new feature promotion and design elegant modals without involving developers or an app release.

Use Pointzi to design modals that promote important new features and improve development ROI.

Help users understand feature improvements

Are you continually improving your App, but have no time to show users how? Linkedin have nailed this problem with a subtle tip, triggered in context for the user . In this example a tip appears in their newsfeed to explain a feature enhancement.

Help users understand improvements without interfering with their flow or experience.

Pointzi tips are simple to create and can be triggered in real-time as users engage with your App.

Create tips that are on Brand and Style

When you design a tip or a walkthrough you really want it to look just like your brand and App. When a user selects a movie in the Netflix App, a tip is triggered to reminds users about the new download and go function. The Netflix tip does not disturb the users flow as it is right on Brand and looks just like the Netflix App.

Use Pointzi to experiment and test to achieve the best design that drives user activation.

Activate users with contextual walkthroughs

Quickly activate users with a flow of tips

For an App like Swarm it's critical that users understand immediately how to search and create their first check-in. Swarm doesn't assume users will intuitively understand their App. To reduce any friction, users are guided through a series of tool tips to walk through their first check-in.

Don't assume users will just get your App.

Use Pointzi to create a flow of tool tips, triggered on first time use of a feature and activate users on download.

Continous onboarding and real-time support at scale

Continuous onboarding to explain next step

Onboarding never stops. How do you help users understand their next action or unused feature to improve their experience? Airbnb does this well. When a users sends a message they are next shown how to create a message template to improve their productivity.

Keep users engaged and show them their next best step!.

Trigger a Pointzi modal in real-time to show users how to enrich their experiences after an action is completed.

Help users navigate a change in App design

We all know users do not like change! How do you help your millions of users navigate a change in design? does this by using a Tip over a transparent overlay to show users how to find their saved searches after the release of a new design.

Reduce user confusion and coach users through a design change.

Use Pointzi tips to trigger tips the first time your users experiences your new design.

Highlight non obvious gestures

No all users learn at the same pace. Target users who are struggling with tips about non obvious gestures to help them work in your app more effectively.Google gives users help with a tip just when they need it, for example letting them know how to select items in Google drive.

Don't lose users, teach them how to use your App.

Use Pointzi to trigger support tips and target users that need it most.