Get to the point quickly. Design and experiment without distracting developers.

Single Design Centre

Pointzi is fully customizable to the look and feel of your brand and application. Design single tips or create walkthrough using Tips, Modals or Launchers. Link Pointzi InApp guidance to your existing support resources (Video, Web, Documents)

Segment, Target and Automate

Segment and target tips, modals, walkthroughs and launchers to specific users. Trigger inApp guidance so your users receive help in real time. Engage with users when they are in your App with a personalised experience.

Analyse & Iterate

Track the effectiveness of your Walkthrough, Tips and Modals. See how far users get into a walkthrough when they are abandoned and if goals are achieved. A/B Test test design options, understand what performs best for different segments and how to drive specific user actions.

Contextual Tips

Show tips or trigger help only to users who need it. Using Pointzi segmentation you can trigger the display of a tip when a user is new or has not used a feature. A tip is simple, contextual and non-intrusive.


A Pointzi Launchers is button or dot that you can position in your App, to highlight a change and launch a tip or walkthrough. A Launcher is a great way to get the users attention, highlight an App change or give the user an option to view additional support information. An effective way to give users support when they need it.


Sometimes you need to grab the users attention and Modals are the way to do it. For example if a trial is ending you can force them to make a decision about their plan before continuing. Modals are simple to setup and you can allow the user to dismiss them or complete the call-to-action.

Self Paced and Triggered Walkthroughs

Upon download, guide your users through the key points of your App. Create a flow of tips, modals and launchers to walk users through important sections of your App to build trust and a deeper understanding. Allow users to experience a walkthrough at their own pace or re-run walkthroughs later.

Minutes to Integrate

Get started in minutes with Pointzi’s mobile and web SDK and chrome plugin. Once installed you are empowered to build, target and optimise InApp guidance without distracting developers.