Deep Dive Videos

1 Minute Overview

Time 1:06 minutes

Making your First Tip

Time 3:47sec

An introduction to how easy it is to add tips to your mobile app with Pointzi

Introduction to Modal Tours

Time 4:06 minutes
In this we cover some basic about how easy Pointzi is to use for Product Managers, Developers and Marketers to design and launch tours. In this we cover basic modals including:

  • formatting (borders, colors, padding)
  • buttons (back, next, layout)
  • Live Preview on Phone Stepping through a tour on the phone

Targeting Users and A/B Tests

Time 3:18sec
This deep-dive is short but packed with huge benefits for targeting and analytics. We think that every experiment should be measurable and proving it’s giving you uplift:

  • Selecting Users to Target in Real-time.
  • Drag-drop filters. Custom Parameters
  • Chain Multistep Experiments
  • Picking a Success Metric
  • Saving a 50:50 A/B Split
  • Analytics for A/B Split Comparison

Swipe-able carousel with tracking

Time 1:26sec
Using the Pointzi graphical environment to create a swipe-able carousel that can be shown to highlight top or new features. Use in conjunction with tips, tours to re-inforce key points. Highlights are:

  • Easy ”point-and-click” native or HTML authoring, no need to get mobile developers to hard-code specific native carousel code
  • Tracking of user swipes – and analytics of performance against your success metrics
  • A/B Test to test which carousels perform better
  • Put a carousel anywhere you want – not just the home screen
  • Easily update when you launch new releases

Recreating Facebook's Upvote popup

Time 2:22sec
Facebook use some simple popups to increase engagement with new Features. This demo shows our recreation as a companion to a blog post about it.

Easily copy Slack's nice onboarding carousel

Time 3:32sec

We did a deep dive on why Slack’s mobile App carousel is so nice. This video takes a few minutes to show how you can do this in Pointzi. To read more about Slack’s approach, checkout this blog post.

Add animated GIFs to just like the Tile App

Time 1:49sec

We do a simple Animated GIF popup design to emulate how Ramotion helped Tile App. The use of a video can SHOW a user what to do. Read more about about how they got a 31% uplift in user activation, checkout this blog post.

Target Users with Pointzi Tags

Time 4:24sec

Serving content to unique users or groups is easy using Pointzi tags. The video is designed for Product Managers to see what is possible and for Developers to know how to get started.

Optional HTML Formatting plus more!

Time 6:00 minutes
This second deep-dive covers other kinds of formatting in tips and modals, specific points are:

  • Netflix HTML Modal Example
  • On Device Live Preview
  • Tip Launchers
  • Tip Placement
  • Tip Animation Controls

Multipage Web Tours