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Nov 12

Ionic Capacitor support
(All your OSes are belong to us)

No…that’s not a typo. Old memers and gamers will remember “All your base are belong to us”.It’s our cheeky way of saying that only Pointzi supports all that platforms that you need coverage for Announcements, Guides, Feedback and Contextual Help.Today we are announcing beta support for Capacitor JS with a V2 plugin! Native IOS Apps for

Jan 19

iPad, Tablets coming or going in workplace Apps?

iPad and Tablet apps are going strong in Retail POS, Retail Shop Assistants, Field Service Applications, Healthcare and design niches. There are many great examples doing well, just to name a few: Retail Field/Workforce (Inspections) (Sales Orders) (Safety/Quality Audits) (Rostering and Tasks) Health vitalpac (now systemc) (Clinical Patient Care) POS many, many including One compelling