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Sep 21

“Slow” is a dangerous place for products

This paragraph caught my eye: “Slow is a dangerous place for a product company to be. Slow product teams tend to be outcompeted by fast ones. We complain about how Figma and Slack don’t feel native, but why are most of us using Figma and Slack? We’re using them because they outbuilt and outcompeted their

Sep 17

Calm App: What’s New Announcement

Some time ago, I posted a review of a few meditation App’s onboarding experience. One of those was “Calm” which I believe (along with headspace, now a unicorn startup).  I recently found an updated writeup from Really Good UX. Its a nice post that covers the psychological elements of onboarding and making sure when they

Sep 8

Increase Trial to Paid conversions by 10%

Our own product/design team were on a call with a UX expert this week. We were asked “whats your key usage metric?”. There was a cavernous pause until someone said “perhaps David can answer that”. It was a humbling moment.  Despite being a company that talks about: product management, user journeys, goals, “aha moments” and

Aug 19

Manage “empty states” with tips

Empty states are the unfortunate onboarding journey that your users often experience. This is the place where a user doesn’t experience value until the user has the “aha” moment. e.g for Trello or Monday, this is clicking “finish” on one of their action items. How do we solve this?  I attended a great session with

Jul 21

Slack’s contextual tips for Huddles

Slack has either boosted productivity or destroyed it in the workplace 😉 – it’s hard to tell!  It does however get everyone talking about a topic and we covered previously about how Feature Announcements are done at Slack. So it’s no surprise that Slack used contextual tips to announce “Huddles” (Discord-style voice conversations). Contextual Tip