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Jan 8

Video Case Study: Airbnb renter activation

In this 8min teardown Mellonie Francis of rareiio.com Digital Agency joins me to dig into AirBnB’s first-time-user-experience (FTUX) to see how the user’s job-to-be-done is resolved and motivates them to dive deeper into the platform. User Activation! This is Part 1 – stay tuned for Part 2 the home owner’s FTUX. Highlights include: Why force

Nov 19

Onboarding $234.1M style: Monday’s activation flow

Our readers develop and run Apps in competitive markets. Even once “safe” corporates like banks now compete with mobile-first “Neobanks” crafting Apps that are disrupting the oligarchy. So how do you compete with a large funded competitor? They could be a big corporate or a Blitzscaling startup. In this webinar, Scott Middleton and I examine

Nov 7

What is Continuous Onboarding?

Onboarding is usually considered to be the first 5 minutes of the user’s experience in the App. But successful Apps always have FEATURE #2. This needs onboarding too! Scott Middleton challenged this perspective in our recent Onboarding Best Practices webinar. Scott has his own “Aha” moment about why onboarding is really “Continuous Onboarding”. https://vimeo.com/371063593We can simply break

Nov 5

JTBD: “If you are not activating, you are churning”.

In this recent Webinar with Scott Middleton, we discussed the scope of “onboarding”: where it starts, where it ends and how it relates to “Activation” and the “Aha” moment. This video snippet here shows the Pirate Metrics and where “onboarding” fits.https://vimeo.com/371037598 The primary message here is that each user who downloads your Mobile App or

Sep 26
The Pointzi Engagement Layer

Top 10 reasons to NOT code your flows

You probably don’t miss Letterman much but in the spirit of Dave, here is a not-too funny countdown on the build-versus-buy decision Product teams need to make about adding an engagement layer (specifically tips, tours, flows, hotspots etc) to your App. As a recap, the Pointzi mission is decoupling “App design” from “App Engagement experiments“.