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Mar 1

Onboarding only the users you want

Two extremely exciting companies in B2B SaaS Video are Loom and Bonjoro – they both let users reach out to prospects and customers with short-form videos that may help with sales, onboarding or customer support. In this podcast video interview I talk with Matt Barnett from Bonjoro – their onboarding deliberately self-selects for SaaS companies

Sep 2

Part 2: Segments are nice but each user journey is unique

In the Part 1, we covered the importance of establishing goals around your engagement experiments and flows.  We could call this Part 2: “Segments are nice, Segments are dumb”.  Segmentation will eventually be “individualization” – we cover the steps needed to get there. Thinking in “Goals” are an important step. Since Pointzi’s inception, we provide

Jun 5

User Acquisition Tips for B2B App (Podcast)

I was excited to see a former Podcast interview Glenn Coates’ mobile sales order entry company was acquired. Glenn is an Aussie living in New York and the acquisition offer came from Shopify. This is a likely a terrific result for both companies and their customers bringing more native mobile offerings and competence into the

May 24

Eventbrite tracked anger and delight in UX

In the last post, we covered how Rachael Neumann’s role at Eventbrite’s Customer Experience/Success saved building the wrong feature. In the same talk the idea of assessing a customer’s anger through a journey is a fascinating and fresh lens to review your design. The normal process is to map the user journey with flow charts

May 23

Customer Support is a Product Managers untapped design resource.

Call it Customer Support, Customer Success, Tech Support, HelpDesk – these teams and people are the first line of feedback from customer and the reality is they carry a lot of data from the intimacy and volume of interactions. In this Fireside Rachael Neumann (former director of Customer Experience Strategy at EventBrite and now Head