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Apr 26

Getting Product Market Fit – a panel

Why do left-handed squash players who drive yellow Camrys on a Saturday morning matter?? If you work in Product you know the term Product Market Fit or PMF or PMFIT. This milestone is a momentous point in a product’s journey and a defining cusp in potential great success and failure – but it’s hard to

Mar 23

App Leader’s Tips and Popups

How is it that some apps nail user engagement? What looks so easy is the result of a lot of product measurement and fine tuning. The reason why mobile tips, tooltips and guides work is because designers often hide features away to avoid clutter. What you can show on a sidebar (or top menu) in

Mar 19

When Mobile Carousels make sense

With Pointzi you can create carousels without coding. But readers will know that I’m not a huge fan. I AM a huge fan of JTBD (Jobs-to-be-done) and to me carousels seemed to stand between the user and their job. So thats not a good thing. Elsewhere in a banking app, I was positive on using

Feb 15

FOMO and product adoption

Its been a huge month in tech with #wallstreetbets on reddit** and crypto going mainstream – but the breakout success in Apps has to be Clubhouse. Clubhouse launched in April of 2020, perfect for a COVID world, now they have over 5M users on IOS only! They’ve mastered the art of FOMO to drive that

Dec 14

A product led indie developer journey

This second part of interview with fintech product Navexa’s founder gives insight into what it takes to be an indie developer. Bootstrapping a product and startup in one of the most courageous things to do in tech and something employees never really understand. Navarre gives me insight into his journey developing Navexa as an independent