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Feb 1

Pointzi is now called Contextual

We have exciting news! As the graphic shows, Pointzi is now renaming to Contextual. In hindsight it seemed obvious – our Mission is to be “Contextual”, everything about what we do is to allow your Mobile and Web Apps to provide contextual guidance. Everything about User Activation, Onboarding and Feature Discovery depends on helping when

Jan 24

How To Reduce User Churn? 5 Tips For Product-Led Companies

User churn rates can be daunting to see, especially if you’re part of a startup company, or even if you’re a seasoned product manager. You want your product to succeed, for people to like it, and to go from onboarding straight to product adoption. However, in reality, you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  While

Jan 11

Product Manager Fit: What PM Qualities Will Make Your App Fly

Happy 2022! Lets hope we get a chance to hug people again this year 🙏. For our first 2022 post – let’s celebrate YOU – Product Managers and Product teams. It’s no secret that as modern people, apps are a vital part of our lives. It seems everything (except hugging) is possible through different apps

Dec 21

Web And Mobile – The Challenges Of Meeting The Customers’ Needs Across Platforms

Do you remember a time when you pulled up the web version of an app that you usually handle on your phone?  Chances are, it was a different experience from what you were used to in the mobile version. Features might be in other places, and it might even look like a completely different app.

Dec 14

Reducing Trialler Abandonment: 5 Tips for Product-Led Companies

How many apps do you keep on using after the trial period? Worry not, you are not the only one who does so. Trialler abandonment is an unfortunate event. Yet it is a natural phenomenon that today’s app-driven world brings with itself.  While product-led companies are trying their best with social media campaigns, ads, and