Pointzi is now called Contextual

Feb 1

Pointzi is now called Contextual

We have exciting news! As the graphic shows, Pointzi is now renaming to Contextual.

In hindsight it seemed obvious – our Mission is to be “Contextual”, everything about what we do is to allow your Mobile and Web Apps to provide contextual guidance.

Everything about User Activation, Onboarding and Feature Discovery depends on helping when needed and “keeping out of the way” when not needed.

Specifically, the platform provides Contextual Guides, Tips, Announcements, Video, Feedback and “right-person, right-place, right-time” help with analytics to measure the uplift on your Activation goals.

The new domain is contextu.al – so you only need to remember the name – oh and where the dot goes 🙂

Thanks for your past support and we look forward to working with you in the Contextual journey!

Timetable of Migration

Head over to this page for approximate planned changes.