About Us

Most Apps have around 30 seconds from download time to catch the user’s attention and about 3 minutes to get some utility delivered to the user. The Pointzi team learned this the hard way working with App developers – without a great onboarding experience your retention rate plummets.

So the Pointzi mission is to:

    (1) help your users understand your core product utility.
    (2) deepen engagement by Progressive Onboarding.

We are fierce devotees of Pirate Metrics (AARRR), you can check this post explaining it.

Companies spend huge amounts on Advertising, Sales, Marketing (the first “A” is acquisition) only to lose users. The companies we’ve learned from have a focus on Progressively deepening a user’s education and understanding of the product. This is achieved by testing and iteration, passion and focus on “the numbers”. The prize is retention, revenue, referrals and company growth. Pointzi wants to help you on that journey.

Pointzi is a product delivered by the StreetHawk company and built on top of the StreetHawk Engagement Automation Platform. Here is more about StreetHawk.