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Jul 13

Google continuous onboarding in 2019

In earlier posts we’ve looked at what Google has done to introduce new features and deepen engagement – we call this continuous onboarding. This post is an update that shows the following key characteristics: Google consistently use tips, popups and feature tours. Tips are ALWAYS simple. Tips are ALWAYS contextual Popups and Tips seem to

Jun 5

User Acquisition Tips for B2B App (Podcast)

I was excited to see a former Podcast interview Glenn Coates’ mobile sales order entry company was acquired. Glenn is an Aussie living in New York and the acquisition offer came from Shopify. This is a likely a terrific result for both companies and their customers bringing more native mobile offerings and competence into the

May 24

Eventbrite tracked anger and delight in UX

In the last post, we covered how Rachael Neumann’s role at Eventbrite’s Customer Experience/Success saved building the wrong feature. In the same talk the idea of assessing a customer’s anger through a journey is a fascinating and fresh lens to review your design. The normal process is to map the user journey with flow charts

May 23

Customer Support is a Product Managers untapped design resource.

Call it Customer Support, Customer Success, Tech Support, HelpDesk – these teams and people are the first line of feedback from customer and the reality is they carry a lot of data from the intimacy and volume of interactions. In this Fireside Rachael Neumann (former director of Customer Experience Strategy at EventBrite and now Head

May 13

Canva: Product Management Process and Stack

Canva is one of the fastest growing companies around and now has 500 staff. I recently interviewed Robert Kawalsky who’s startup Zeetings, was acquired by Canva in April 2018. Robert soon took the lead for both Zeetings and Canva Presentations groups which represents a huge opportunity in Enterprise, SME and also Education. Our the interview (a

May 9

How LinkedIn launches a feature

I wouldn’t be alone grumbling about LinkedIn on a daily basis, but its worth mentioning what an elegent, simple job they’ve done rolling out a new feature: “Reactions” It would be easy to underestimate the genius of this Feature Announcement. The 2 screenshots above tell the story of “my first try”. Screenshot 1: Contextual Tip

May 2

Comprehensive cross-platform support

Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic, ReactNative, Mobile Web, Desktop Web are now available to add to our Native IOS and Android platform. This gives us terrific coverage of more than 90% of Apps in the Play and Appstore. Its difficult to predict winners in development platforms and here is 3 examples:  Ionic [not an environment but a

Apr 21

Feature Prioritization and roadmapping

Previous posts have discussed roadmap prioritization, delusions/biases and methods like RICE to reduce bias when deciding what features to add to your Product. With that in mind, I was browsing a Y-Combinator interview with Brian Donohue, the President of Instapaper, acquired by Pinterest. I thought it was worth sharing. Brian provided a simplified prioritization technique

Mar 31

Onboarding and 10 perilous Off-ramps

Conversion and Activation Acquisition is not the problem. Just ask the insiders at Clash of Clans, Slack or Fortnite! If you have cracked Activation [or conversion], Retention and Revenue then your marketers crank up acquisition spend – much easier said than done, but at that stage the financial equation says that if you ramp spend

Dec 18

When should a startup get dedicated product management?

Steen Anderssen sat down with me for a fireside in front of around 200 Product Management folks. I asked the question: “When should a startup get dedicated Product Management?” This short video provides some surprising insight into how Atlassian thinks and how the founders remain in contact with product vision regardless of how large the